Page 160

Hey guys, It has been far too long. I hit a real slump last year and I got really discouraged. Both this comic and Crossroads have suffered as a result. I have  managed to turn things around in 2016. I have two pages in the can for TEIJ and if all goes according to plan I’ll have a new book for TCAF this year. I also started a Patreon, so if you want to see next weeks page now, then click here…

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Page 159

Hello guys,

It’s been far too long. Apologies for being MIA with little communication. 2015 has been a busy year and comics have not been taking a priority and that may not change anytime soon unfortunately.

I am posting this new page I finished because it has the introduction of Mel who believe it or not was the first character in the whole inception of this strip.

I have every intention of…

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