Page 160

Hey guys, It has been far too long. I hit a real slump last year and I got really discouraged. Both this comic and Crossroads have suffered as a result. I have  managed to turn things around in 2016. I have two pages in the can for TEIJ and if all goes according to plan I’ll have a new book for TCAF this year. I also started a Patreon, so if you want to see next weeks page now, then click here…

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Comics in Transit

My comic from ‘Comics in Transit’

I never got to see it in real life, but this was my submission for last months ‘Comics in Transit’ as part of Cloudscape Comics program to display comic art on bus stops in the city. I’m happy with the finish, and it makes me want to get back to some TEIJ comics. The site should be back up. I’m sorry I let things atrophy for so long. Hope you enjoy this one. Also if you’d like to read some of my…

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